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  • Constructivism

    In the Constructivist classroom, both teacher and students think of knowledge not as inert factoids to be memorized, but as a dynamic, ever-changing view of the world we live in and the ability to successfully stretch and explore that view.
    In Constructivist classrooms . . .

    • Curriculum emphasizes big concepts, beginning with the whole and expanding to include the parts.
    • Pursuit of student questions and interests is valued. 
    • Materials include primary sources and manipulative materials.
    • Learning is interactive, building on what the student already knows.
    • Teachers have a dialogue with students, helping students construct their own knowledge.
    • Assessment includes student works, observations, and points of view, as well as tests. Process is as important as product.
    • Knowledge is seen as dynamic, ever changing with our experiences.
    • Students work primarily in groups.

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