San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools

Embracing Family, Diversity, Creativity, Relationship, and Academic Excellence since Est. 2000.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter school is a tuition free charter school that accepts children from anywhere in San Diego County. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, that works in conjunction with the Parent Staff Association, to set school policy.
SDCCS is distinctive for its small class size, the growing diversity of faculty and students, the high quality of its teachers, a caring and nurturing environment, and the strength of its curriculum. The school’s goal for each student is always the same: to provide significant experiences that will begin a lifelong process of discovery leading to a richly rewarding and happy life.
Our principal, heads a staff of 18 Classroom Teachers, 5 specialists and the supervisor of the Extended Day Program. To learn more about their teaching styles, visit their Classroom Pages or our web page on Curriculum. Also, our 6th - 8th Grade Middle School is worth visiting!
SDCCS was started by a group of parents and educators from a variety of professions and backgrounds, who came together through a parent cooperative preschool. The experience of being a significant part of our children's education led us to feel that a school that emphasized parent involvement and respect for each child's learning style was an appropriate option for all children. After three years of hard work, we opened on September 3, 2002.
We receive funding through the State of California based on how many children we serve (called Average Daily Attendance or ADA). We are part of the California Charter School Association. We must comply with the State of California curriculum standards, but we are given leeway in how we teach those standards. We also participate in the California Standardized Testing and Reporting program (STAR). We are part of the San Diego Unified School district system